These days, who does not know YouTube? Now a lot of people from every corner of the world can both share their own videos to the world and find videos which are uploaded by other people to watch the videos. Now, even those who upload the videos are racing in a competition in order to get as many views as possible for their videos. Thus, it is not a bizarre thing to buy custom youtube comments, views, likes, subscribers and even dislikes. The main reasons why many people are willing to buy such things which many other YouTube users have never thought of buying is because if their videos are able to get a lot of views, that does not only mean popularity but also money which comes along with it. However, before we discuss this matter any further, let us know more about YouTube itself.

YouTube is a site used for video sharing created by three people who formerly work for PayPal in 2005, the site allows users to upload, watch and share videos. The company headquartered is located in California, and utilizes Adobe Flash Video technology and HTML5 to feature varied video contents which are generated to the users, including music videos, TV clips and also movie clips. There are also amateur content such as short original videos like video bloggings as well as educational videos.

The majority of the contents on YouTube are posted by individuals. However, there are media corporations and organizations which are required to upload their materials to the site as part of the YouTube partnership program. Users who have not yet registered can only watch videos on the sites, while the registered ones can upload videos as many as possible. Videos which are regarded to contain any offensive content are only visible to registered users 18 years of age or older. Then, in the year of 2006, Google officially bought YouTube with the value of $ 1.65 billion and operates as a branch of Google.