Incomplete if we do not talk about horror movies in 2016. Not only as entertainment but horror films of the year have much of an impression in the hearts of lovers of horror films. Perhaps, some not so memorable because it failed to show the best and let the audience but we could see a horror movie that is highly anticipated because it contains a lot of news about this movie. Yes, ‘The Conjuring 2’ is the most successful horror film in 2016. No doubt about it because it was different from other horror movies. Lifting the real story about the horrific incident is not easy because we can get interference from the creatures that do not like it. It also occurs in the filming of The Conjuring 2. Although initially there was no strange thing that they find, but after a while, they were filming, they got physical interference or noise. The director James Wan, do not want to abandon his mission and chose to purify their place by calling the pastor.

Besides The Conjuring phenomenal because it has the icon ‘Valak’, we also get ‘The Witch’ who picked up the story in 1960. Even he is the newcomer to the world of horror movies, Robert Eggers, as a director and screenwriter mesmerized as he gets a lot of positive value of a critic film. Not easy for a beginner, especially in the horror genre because it is not easy to make the audience interested in ghosts. The third horror movie ‘The boy’ which tells the story of a wealthy family who has a son the only one but it died in a tragic way. They replace the body of a boy with a mannequin. Of the three films, we already know if The Conjuring 2 is the most memorable horror movie in 2016. So, we wait for more lurid stories in 2017’s.