It’s understandable that when you’re looking to get the best hotel software to manage your hotel, you don’t want to end up with the cheap and bad softwares, especially the fake onesĀ hotel software. Therefore you need to be careful when you’re searching for a hotel management software online. You can’t choose a software randomly while you’re also expecting the best performance. Choose it randomly and you will end up with a bad or fake software. That’s why you have to know the way to avoid the fake softwares.

Check its manufacturer’s license

No license means don’t buy it. Remember that every legal business needs a license so it can keep running, and when a company doesn’t has any, staying away from it will be a good idea.

Read the customer’s testimonies

The more negative testimonies and reviews that a company has, the better for you to avoid it.

The price is joking

If a software price is too cheap, it’s likely a fake product. Don’t buy any software with the ridiculous prices.