Perhaps nobody denies that facilitate and accelerate activities microwave cooking in the kitchen. However, cooking with microwave cooking is very different than using other devices. Hence, it took the technique and the special way that microwave belongs to you can produce excellent cuisine. Also, do not forget to put a microwave in a to avoid carelessly touched by your children. The technique, which is abstracted from a number of sources, including:

1. Make sure you are not using a container of metal or containing metal elements. Therefore, the microwaves can not penetrate metal.

2. Cut the meat and vegetables in a uniform size and not too large so that these foods can be cooked evenly.

3. In order for evenly cooked food, stir or turn the food in the cooking process. Therefore, if the cooking process takes 10 minutes then set beforehand to cook for five minutes. Once the food is stirred and turned over, cook for five minutes.

4. Will you cook boned meat? Make sure, first flue bones before it is processed. Therefore, the bones would hinder the maturation of meat around.

5. Microwave can also create crunchy potato chips. How, packets of crisps in a paper towel and then put in the microwave. The cloth will absorb the moisture in the chips and make it back crisp.

6. The skin on some foodstuffs such as potatoes and tomatoes will inhibit the release of steam during the cooking process. Therefore, the first prick-prick skin potatoes and tomatoes before cooking. This method will also keep the potato and tomato are not broken.

When finished cooking with a microwave, be sure to disconnect electricity before cleaning the device. “The move was important in order not to electric shock.” After use, clean the dirt on the outside and inside walls of the microwave. “Cleaning the microwave will help prevent the growth of bacteria in it.” Food water level was very well cooked in the microwave. One of the most suitable is to cook the fish. Whenever cooking in the microwave, he warned, to always use special secure containers used in this electronic cooking devices.