In storing supplies for its consumers, every owner of a business needs a warehouse to do it. However, that is not all of the requirements for storing supplies or inventories in units of warehouses or our company would say arriendo de bodegas – There is at least one other thing the owner of the business needs to have in the process of storing the supplies and it is a good warehouse inventory management. So that here is some basic knowledge an owner of a business needs to know about a warehouse inventory management.

Each company, especially the one working in as a trading company, they need a constant supply of merchandise. The supplies will be stored and used to meet the needs of the company. Inventory is then used for the production process to be resold. With the inventory processing, the company can benefit to develop business run. Inventories can be auxiliary materials, raw materials, semi-finished goods, finished goods or spare parts can be. As an important part of the inventory of the company or the inventory have considerable value on operational costs, planning and inventory control. Because of the importance of the inventory, the company must make a good inventory management in order to manage inventory on hand

In conjunction with the management of inventory, the inventory can be classified into raw materials, semi-finished materials or materials that are still in process and finished goods are also used for the company. There are various ways a mathematical model combined with computer-based inventory models have been developed to assist companies in deciding how much inventory or when the inventory will be ordered. The method used in this case includes Material Requirement Planning (MRP). In relation some inventory above it, all will establish the relationship between the production and sales of products for maximum benefit. Each company or factory that has some supplies, they certainly have a good intention to increase the utility value of the supplies. There are some important functions of inventory to meet the needs.